We could not be more enthusiastic about premiering LA-based Starred’s new music video for their song Call from Paris. Not only does the genre-defying music present something of a rock n’ roll resurrection similar to The Velvet Underground’s game-change in 1966, but their first EP, A Season in Hell, is named after one of Arthur Rimbaud’s collections of poetry (the same visionary who inspired ROP’s title). Starred’s Liza Thorn and Matthew Koshak – who were recently immortalized by Hedi Slimane for a V Magazine feature - were shot by the filmmaker Grant Singer in the chiaroscuro desolation of downtown Los Angeles. “The idea was to capture who they really are, which is drinking at the HMS Bounty, hanging out making music at home, hanging out in this weird, gorgeous wasteland of LA,” Singer explained. “Visually we wanted something black&white, kind of archaic, to juxtapose Los Angeles in 2012.” Starred resurrects the 1980′s Paisley Underground scene (Opal, Rain Parade, Mazzy Star) though tinted in dark tones. Liza Thorn’s haunted vocals channel Marianne Faithful’s darker side and as well as Karen Dalton. Nine million rainy days … in California. Singer’s first collaboration with Starred resulted in an eerie, beautiful short film entitled Cemetery/Machine, which juxtaposes interior shots from Thorn and Koshak’s Gaylord apartment with the vast expanses of an abandoned town outside Los Angeles. Singer’s approach to shooting the videos is raw and unfussy, and what ensues is a cinematography that is very real. “Call from Paris was me shooting with my 5D in my right hand and a homemade light in my left hand. There are some scenes at the bar where Liza is literally holding the light on her lap so I could get the effect that I wanted.That’s how raw this is.”